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Thursday, June 4 – Saturday, June 6, 2015

Thursday – Saturday: Hunter Clays

Saturday: Main Event

Side games are open Thursday – Saturday.

Golf carts available for rent.

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1. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all shooters and spectators on the course.

2. Side X Side shotguns in good working order, only.

3. Changing choke tubes, after starting on the course is not allowed.

4. Gun actions must be open at all times except when shooting.

5. Field rules in effect. Other than a malfunction of a trap, broken target, or other course equipment failures, there will be no excuses excepted during the competition.  Gun malfunctions, ammunition failures, safety malfunctions, or shooter’s errors will not constitute a reason for a target re-presentation.

6. Low gun position only.

7. Chamber mates, companions or other means of reducing bore size will not be allowed in the small gauge events.

8. Full use of the gun, firing both barrels is allowed on single targets.

9. American Classic Side X Side Championship – The top five shooters shooting a hammer/hammerless classic American Side X Side of the same maker, will be honored with their names and preferred  gun manufacturer engraved on the official Hausmann’s Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays winners’ plaque.  The shooters do not have to belong to a formal Group, collector’s association, or shoot together in a squad in order to be eligible for the grand prize.  The scores will be shot on the Hunter’s Clay Course based on a total of eighty targets, any American made Side X Side will qualify.  There simply must be five scores shot by the same preferred maker. Only the first entry scores will be used for the competition results.

10. The Hunter Clays Competition comprised of a score based upon 50 targets will be held for 410, 28, 20, 16, 12 and 10 gauge shotguns with any Side X Side manufacturer. Only the first entry scores, in each gauge entered, will be used for the final competition results.

11. The HOA man and the HOA woman shooter in the American Classic Side X Side Championship will receive a prize and the HOA shooter, man or woman, in the Hunter’s Clay Competition, for each gauge will also receive a prize.

12. No shooter can win more than one prize, per event, only first entry scores will be eligible for competition, ties will be decided by either a designated “Tie break Station” or Longest Run, front to back.  You may enter as many times as you wish, but only first entry scores will count towards awards and prizes.

13. Door prizes will be awarded via drawings. Shooters must be present to win door prizes.



REPORT PAIR: When a malfunction occurs on a REPORT PAIR the first target will be marked “DEAD or LOST” and will be established.  The REPORT Pair will then be repeated to establish the second target for score; the first target MUST be fired at even though established.


FOLLOWING PAIR: A malfunction during a FOLLOWING PAIR results in NO target being established and the entire FOLLOWING PAIR must be repeated.


TRUE PAIR:  A malfunction during a TRUE PAIR results in NO target being established for score, the TRUE PAIR must be repeated.



Main Event (80 Targets)

$75.00 and 8 Tickets

Re-Shoot – $50.00 and 5 Tickets (Not For Score)

Hunter Clays (50 Targets)

$50.00 and 5 Tickets

Re-Shoot – $40.00 and 4 Tickets (Not for Score)

Side Events (25 Targets)

$10.00 and 1 Ticket

*Tickets Good for All Door Prizes.