Our Course

Our course consists of 16-30 Sporting Clay Stations, Crazy Quail, a Tower Field, Five Stand and Skeet Field, offering both the experienced and novice shooter an opportunity to improve his or her shooting ability. Sporting Clay Stations and targets are changed regularly to provide interesting shots.

Although, we are a sporting clay course, we are geared toward Hunter Clays, which gives the shooter the opportunity to enjoy shots that are realistic to field conditions.

For your convenience we have set-up a vertical/horizontal wobble trap for use before or after the main shooting venues. This shooting station is a great warm-up or fun to shoot all by itself!

Our clubhouse is ideal for small corporate meetings and retreats and customized agendas are easily arranged. The atmosphere is relaxed and low-key.

Helicopter service is available out of the Binghamton area pending availability.

Other Activities

In addition to Sporting Clays, we offer Fishing & Fly Casting lessons on our ponds with experienced instructors. There are also activities in the area for those who may not have the time or inclination to shoot or learn to cast a fly.

*Please Note: Break-open guns preferred; autoloaders and pump shotguns welcome.

Range Rules

1. Eye and ear protection must be worn.

2. NO Alcoholic beverages allowed.

3. Actions on ALL shotguns MUST be OPEN at ALL times except when shooting.

4. Only ONE person shooting at a time per station.

5. Guns may be loaded ONLY INSIDE the shooting stand.

6. Target loads ONLY 7.5 – 9 shot.

7. NO more than TWO shells may be loaded at ANY time.

8. Guns MUST be cleared before leaving each shooting stand.

9. Keep guns pointed down range or in a SAFE direction at all times.

10. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

11. DO NOT SHOOT at live animals or birds.

12. You MUST be accompanied by Range Personnel  to shoot.

13. CHECK firearm and ammunition for CORRECT size.


15. Break-open guns preferred; autoloaders and pump shotguns welcome.





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